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Big News : How To Convert Personal Facebook Profiles to Pages

We see this all the time when we start working with bands: they’ve got started on Facebook, but they never fully researched all the options and set up a “profile” instead of a “page.”

If you don’t know the difference between the two; a profile is meant for ordinary people to add friends, share pics and comments. A page is meant for businesses, band, authors and public figures to communicate with their audiences.

There are a huge number of advantages to setting up a Page instead of a Profile (not least because using a profile for a band is against Facebooks Terms!).

It’s often painful to see a band having built up one or two thousand friends on a profile, only to have to start from scratch with a new page. You have very limited options here - you can spam the newsfeed and send individual message to each friend urging them to “like” your new page. It’s time consuming (believe me!) and not very effective.

But now Facebook are giving us the ability to convert a personal profile to a page. This lets you keep ALL your friends (as fans) and your pictures, but the rest of your data has to be re-entered.

If you have a page you want to convert, just click here to begin the process.

Our first reaction to this news was delight - this will be a HUGE time saver for any band that made the simple mistake of building a profile instead of a page.


However, after a while it dawned on us that this has another potential use. As all musicians know, growing a Fanbase on Facebook is hard work. It takes regular updates, competitions, promotions and even advertising.

But this update offers a new back door approach:

If you’ve just set up a band, why not create a personal profile, start adding people until you get 4,000-5,000 friends (5k is the max) then migrate to a page with 5,000 fans.

Is it spammy? Absolutely. Could it be effective? Probably. Am I recommending it? I’m not sure.

On the whole, the quality of fans you start with might not be high enough to warrant the investment of time. On the other hand, starting a page with a few thousand fans is a huge boost for a new band.

What do you think? If you were starting your Facebook page today would you consider taking this approach?



Darragh 9:33 am - 31st March:

“If you’ve just set up a band, why not create a personal profile, start adding people until you get 4,000-5,000 friends (5k is the max) then migrate to a page with 5,000 fans.”

Simply because if Facebook catch you doing it, they will shut you down and your work will be for nothing.

Very very risky. Not something I’d recommend whatsoever. Better off throwing a few bob into Facebook advertising and sticking up an exclusive video on the page that only fans can see or something similar…

behyped 10:08 am - 31st March:

Darragh does have a point.

Though, if they’ve legitimized the idea of switching from profile to a page how could they ever prove the intent behind the change?

If it does catch on, im guessing facebook would notice.

Peter Tanham 12:39 pm - 6th April:

@Darragh The question was more provocative / devil’s advocate, so in the same vein I’d ask - would they really monitor anybody with only 5k fans? Hard to know. And for a young band with no cash but plenty of spare time, would it be worth the risk even just to start them with 1k fans?

It’s probably a wider discussion, which we’ve had a few times in the office here. Those 1k fans would be completely worthless (i.e. they’d never buy your music), but do they act as social proof for new genuine fans that arrive to your page? Do they make you seem popular and therefore help your page grow faster?

I think on the whole I’d agree with you, junk/spam fans are just an area to be avoided out of principle - but I still wanted to ask the question to see what others think.