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How To Chart in the Billboard Social 50

Last week Billboard announced the launch of the Social 50 chart, which will rank artists based on their weekly additions of friends, fans and followers (depending on the network), artist page views and weekly song plays.

Although the first week was dominated by big acts like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Eminem, there is still room for smaller independent artists to make a splash - like Christine Grimmie at number 15.

Climbing the chart is a feat in itself, but you don’t stand a chance if your tweets, facebook fans and youtube views aren’t being counted fully, so here’s how to make sure you’re chart eligible:

1. Visit - These are the guys that power the Billboard Social 50.

2. Search for your name or your band’s name.

3. If there are no results, click “Add”… quick!

4. If there are results, click “Edit & Add Profiles” at the end of the page.

6. Sign up for an NBS account if you don’t already have one (it’s free!)

7. Make sure you add every profile you have on the web - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, iLike, MySpace…

The more profiles you add, the more likes, plays, views and fans will count towards your weekly total. A band that takes the time to fill out all their details in Next Best Sound have a much higher chance of ranking in the charts - either in The Social 50 or the “up and coming” NBS 25.

Once you’ve registered to make sure every metric will count towards your chart position, the task then becomes boosting those metrics! We’ll be covering some techniques we’ve found useful for naturally boosting your social networking stats and will be sharing them on this blog very soon. Be sure to check back or subscribe if you’re interested!



Spokane billboard 4:04 pm - 8th April:

I have tried it, and get some likes. lol. Thanks for the information. I hope I will get more fans soon.


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