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Missing In (Online) Action

As an online marketing company we help the artists we work with to publish their content to the world via the Internet so that it can be easily found by potential fans. But in a world where there are an estimated 10million new webpages being published each day (not including hundreds of millions of social network interactions) making an impact with your content gets more difficult.

Undoubtedly, having a web presence is crucial to achieving any sort of musical success in 2010. However there are those who purposefully make their artistic content difficult to find online. Much of this has to do with increasing the allure of the music. It’s an approach we have spoken about in the past with regard to iamamiwhoami.

Another notable example we have come across in the past few months is the acclaimed Sri Lankan artist M.I.A. who has been publishing new material online via a series of esoteric websites. M.I.A., whose left of center influence has permeated the mainstream in the latter half of this decade, started off her career as a visual artist and uses these skills to design the sites herself. The URLs are deliberately obscure and their publication highlighted with just a simple tweet from her @_M_I_A  account. In an exercise she calls “cleaning out the creative closet” the songs are not official releases but are nevertheless very valuable content for ardent M.I.A. fans who no-doubt share a sense of genuine discovery. It is this sense of discovery and the feeling of being part of an exclusive group which makes it valuable to fans.

Check out the sites published thus far:

And if you’re so inclined to follow the strategy yourself, here are some tips from a Hypebot article about how to hide yourself online.


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