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Apr 16, 2010 | eilish | 3 Comments

Tiered Value Content - an example from Michel Gondry


When you are a world renowned film, music video and advertising director and a darling of the critics to boot, the temptation might be to rest on your laurels and just wait for the next hot new project invitation to roll in. Not so Michel Gondry however, who in addition to making some of the most influential and inventive films, videos and ads of the past decade (see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, most of Bjork’s best video work and that record breaking Levi’s commerical) keeps himself busy and his bank account in good health by maintaining a no less inventive web presence.

Regular blog readers will know that we espouse the tiered value approach so that artists can make the most of a fan base with different sized wallets and levels of fandom. Gondry is currently adopting this approach to great effect via his website by offering a product bundle at a high price point with the incentive to fans of receiving a unique and collectible artwork by the man himself. Fans who purchase a copy of his latest DVD ‘Michel Gondry 2′ and who submit a photo of themselves (and stump up the $99.95 fee of course) will firstly receive the DVD in the mail followed a few weeks later by a signed portrait of themselves drawn by Gondry’s own fair hand. Adding to the sense of excitement and exclusivity, the portrait is posted up to a Flickr feed on Gondry’s website and can be shared by fans with their friends and family. Judging by the work, Gondry’s talents definitely extend to portraiture so in addition to serving as an intimate connection with the director these portraits are likely to increase in value over time.

I think this serves as a good example of an artist using their talent and good sense to ensure they maximise their earning potential in an industry (similar to the music business) which is seeing traditional revenue streams eaten into by filesharing.



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