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Jun 08, 2010 | eilish | 0 Comments

Music Video Tuesday: Crystal Swing and Lily Allen, Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack & Adidas do Star Wars


Whoopsie! We’ve missed our regular day for posting up our favourite videos… again. Our only defense is that yesterday was a holiday here in Ireland so we were far too busy sleeping-in and watching bad daytime TV (it rained). In any case, here is our pick of the best from the world of webby videos…

Have Crystal Swing ridden the wave of viral video popularity to the end? Having made two appearances on RTE’s The Late Late Show and one on US chat-show Ellen their popularity was sky high in Ireland a few months back. Now it looks like things are waning for the Corkonians. They’ve been making the most of the celebrity while it lasts though; constantly playing gigs, corporate events and in-store appearances. They squeezed in a show at Monaghan’s Flat Lake Festival last weekend and coaxed Lily Allen on-stage. She seemed to enjoy it and judging by the girlie screams from the audience young Derek has some fans too. Perhaps there is more to come?

One of the biggest franchises to hit the entertainment business in years has got to be the Twilight saga. The love story between 104 year old vampire Edward and 17 year old Bella took the publishing world by storm and has spawned a hugely successful film and soundtrack series. Getting your music on to a Twilight soundtrack is a BIG deal and has propelled many previously left-field acts into mainstream consciousness. Indie stalwarts Death Cab for Cutie (formed in 1997 and with seven albums under their belt) had a song included in the OST for second move New Moon and described the ensuing response as “just wild”. The soundtrack for the first movie went straight to number one in the US and the  second hit number one a week after its release, making it the only movie franchise to hit the top spot with soundtracks for the original movie and a sequel. The OST for the third film Eclipse goes on sale today and with exclusive tracks from Muse, Vampire Weekend, The Bravery, Metric and Florence & The Machine to name but a few, I’ve a feeling it will be another record-breaker.

Here’s a simple fan video of on-screen/off-screen couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards which is getting lots of views on YouTube in Ireland today. They won for “Best Kiss” - aww, don’t they look cute?

Another World Cup ad this week, this time for Adidas who have taken the novel (and no doubt expensive) approach of “re-imagining” the classic Cantina bar scene from the first (1977) Star Wars movie. The celebrity factor is high and there’s a wryly appropriate inclusion of Daft Punk which should bring a smile to even the most stoney faced viewer. Personally as a World Cup ad it’s a fail for me, but I like it on another level. I think it’s got to do with Snoop Dogg’s mean handling of that light sabre.


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