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Win The Ultimate Package to Build Your Fanbase

Need help promoting your music? Who doesn’t, right!?

Today our friends at The Musician’s Guide have launched an amazing deal to offer artists over $1,250 worth of music promotion tools and savings for just $69.

Over 25 music companies have come together to create this package, which includes 50% off mixing and mastering, free distribution to iTunes and Spotify, a pack of 25 professional music contracts, access to a database of 1,981 labels & managers, a free custom EPK from, a Music Xray Starter Kit (worth $65) amongst much more!

Your Chance to Win $1,250 Worth of Tools & Savings

I was recently in touch with Marcus Taylor (the creator of the package). He sent me on a copy of the bundles and after reviewing even just a few of the contents (the 100 free radio spins, several of the e-books and marketing videos and the huge list of discounted services) I knew that this was an incredibly valuable package.

I told him that their package seemed like the perfect fit for the musicians who read Amp Music Marketing, so we’ve arranged to give away a free bundle to one lucky musician here on the blog.

How To Win

To enter to win a free copy of this amazing bundle, all you have to do is visit The Musician’s Guide  sales page here, and tell us what you think is the most valuable part to the package and how you would use it in a comment on this post.

That’s all there is to it, tell us what you like about the bundle in a comment… but be quick!

The sale ends in less than 100 hours, on September 5th.

After the sale ends and the deal is no longer available, we’ll announce the winner here.



desmond 7:10 pm - 1st September:

This deal is awesome.The most useful item to me would be the custom press kit. I would use it to get a bio written by a professional. I am not so sure about the contact list as all the contact lists I have seen in the industry are full of information that is either outdated or useless. No real opportunity but mainly contact information of businesses selling services to desperate artistes

Johanna 7:43 pm - 1st September:

I just discovered AMP Music Marketing the other night from a google search and am I ever grateful I signed up in time to hear about this amazingly valuable package The Musician’s Guide is offering!!!
Thank you!

Frankly, ALL of it is useful, but the most useful things we would use FIRST probably are all on the list that comes up when you ‘click here for more’:

Consultancy Session with Brian Thompson; CD artwork design package; Unbiased Reviews from SoundOut; Social Media review with Michael Brandvold; the Music Marketing Video Course; the Custom Presskit and the On-line Radio promotion.

I’m looking for the support to take us from our novice attempts and give us momentum and insight into our specific situation.
Thanks again!

Anne 8:19 pm - 1st September:

Tough choice ! I already know and use some of the free items (like Jango, Presskit or Music Sucess in 9 Weeks) which are all excellent.
At this time, and because we’ve just recorded a song, I would think I might find the Parlour Studios (in the “more” section) the most helpful offer.

Ashland 8:48 pm - 2nd September:

Literally everything in this package sounds awesome! But if I had to pick one thing it would be the 25 music contracts. Those were the first thing that popped out to me. My band, Ashland, has recently been talking about using contracts for the people we work with. I think this would be a perfect way for us to start using them and being that much more professional about our business. Thanks for the offer!

Brittles Rixon 12:32 am - 3rd September:

This would be an extremely useful kit. For mine, the contracts would be the most useful part as I’m constantly operating within an industry / scene based on handshakes and a verbal agreement yet often hear the horror stories of how it all goes wrong because there wasn’t a proper contract in place. It’s really important to have all bases covered and I think the contracts would be a big step toward that.

Peter Tanham 10:37 am - 5th September:

We put all the names into a hat, shook them around, and the winner is…



The package should be in your inbox soon Anne.

We decided to do the draw earlier than planned, so that everyone else has a chance to grab the deal before it ends, if they’d like.

It’s still available for another 5 hours:

Anne 8:13 pm - 5th September:

Great ! Thanks a lot :-))

Cory Lyons 9:51 pm - 24th September:

Wow, I’m only a month too late lol…Still happy to find you guys today and looking forward to your weekly newsletter as I have already found a great amount of tips from you already!