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Have You Tried Viinyl? The Single Song Site.

Viinyl describe their single song sites as

“The ideal format to brand your songs, enrich the music experience for your fans, increase fan loyalty & help drive sales.”

That’s quite a tall boast, but at first glance the young site seems poised to meet a lot of these promises.

The site founders talk about how “It conjures the spirit of how music was enjoyed in the days when you had the lyrics, artwork and felt the vibe of the artist at your fingertips.”

This is all very nice and well, but there are plenty of music websites which offer “enriching, multi-sensual blah, blah, blah…” We’re interested in one thing – does it produces results? Will it help musicians spread their music, attract new fans and grow their mailing list?

Luckily, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Viinyl seems to tick all those other boxes too.

Landing Pages


Tara Blaise on Viinyl

Landing pages are a large part of any promotional campaign we run. When you work your ass off to attract 100 new visitors to your website, you don’t want to just send them to your home page. If you say “check out the new video” you want to link them to a page with that video and preferably something for them to do after watching it – join your mailing list, send it to a friend, post it to Facebook etc.

If you’re lucky enough to get mentioned on a big music blog and get a few hundred new visitors, a well built landing page can be the difference between keeping 10 or 100 of them as fans on your mailing list.

Viinyl aims to provide highly effective landing pages for individual songs. If they do this well it will be an invaluable part of every musician’s online toolkit.

The Verdict

For us, the true test of Viinyl’s worth will come when we get a chance to test it on an upcoming single launch. Does it drive more email sign ups? More Facebook fans? More iTunes sales?

For now though, we’ve had a good tinker about with the back end and made a few Viinyls for musicians we work with:

The site is super easy to use and lets you make a rich single song page in about 15 mins. You can add a YouTube video, lyrics, artist bio and contact details with a simply copy and paste.

My first impressions are very positive. I’ll report back after a month or two of testing in the wild to see if the pages can drive results.


Have you set up a Viinyl page? If you have, share it in the comments below, we love hearing new music 🙂