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Apr 21, 2010 | Peter Tanham | 4 Comments

Release More Singles, More Often

The title of this post was inspired by Jay Frank, author of Futurehit.DNA. In a recent guest post on hypebot he answers the question on all of our minds…. “Why Justin Bieber Is Such A Big Hit.” It’s a great post, but I want to highlight one key component that he thinks is critical to the young star’s success:

Look at this time frame of songs being released:

  • APRIL 2009 – Release of “One Time” single
  • JULY 2009 – Release of “One Time” video
  • AUGUST 2009 – Release of “Favorite Girl” YouTube Video w/Taylor Swift
  • OCTOBER 2009 – Release of “One Less Lonely Girl” single + video
  • NOVEMBER 2009 – Release of My World 8-song Album
  • JANUARY 2010 – Release of “Baby” single
  • FEBRUARY 2010 – Release of “Baby” video
  • MARCH 2010 – Release of My World 2.0 Album

Did you get all that?  In a world where many people are in the game of milking singles for all they’re worth, Justin just kept releasing content.  A new official video has been released every 3 months.  Two album releases. 18 total tracks have come out.  All within 9 months. Considering that most artists are at a pace that’s nearly twice that, it’s not surprising that Justin runs rings around them.

And this all occurred by focusing on the fan and constantly feeding them content rather than just chart positions.

This is a really important lesson to learn about the new music business, remember - Lady Gaga’s poker face was only released this time last year!

On his own website, Jay also takes a wider look at the data presented by the sales charts for the first 3 months of 2010:

The Top 50 sellers for Q1 ‘10 are dominated by repeat entrants such as Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga (4 tracks each), Ke$ha (3 tracks each) and Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Jason Derulo and Jay Sean (with 2 tracks each). The fact that these artists are either currently releasing lots of tracks or have released many singles in the past year obviously pays off in dividends. Many other acts who are not selling as strongly are, in many cases, taking much longer periods in between single releases.

If you have an album you’re about to launch, it certainly is food for thought.


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