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May 27, 2010 | eilish | 5 Comments

Ultimate Fan Engagement Tip


I came across this tip while reading a great blog post from Ariel Publicity about how to connect with  your engaged fans (the people who have Liked you on Facebook and have subscribed to your newsletter, but are not necessarily the type of super fan who will buy deluxe product or merchandise from you).

It’s actually a tip from a guy called Derek Sivers who delivered a TED talk a while back on how being a follower was just as important as being a leader. I recommend checking it out.

Anyway, Sivers exploits a simple principle as a way of developing connections with fans; people are self-obsessed. This is not a value judgment; it’s just human nature. Your fans are the same. If you make an effort to include them in what you are doing they will respond more strongly and more positively.

The post suggest one simple way of doing this. Take photos of your audience at each gig and then post these to your Facebook or Flickr account the following day. Send out a short message to your fans to say the photos are online and get them to tag themselves. By tagging and sharing the photos your fans will expose you to their online connections thus broadening your exposure.

Other fan engagement tips include allowing fans to dictate the set list of your gig or getting “super fans” to introduce you on-stage, take back-stage photos or do an exclusive post-performance interview. These kind of initiatives are easy to organise with the help of Twitter and Facebook and can create great pre-performance buzz.



Jamie 8:50 am - 27th May:

I noticed actually that The Academy were trying this out a couple of months ago. It didn’t seem to work out too well, I guess some people didn’t want to tag a sweaty, messy picture of themselves, I know I wouldn’t want one on my page! I suppose it all might stir from the big promo that Ikea did on Facebook to gain more fans / followers / customers whereby they had people tag the items in the showroom pictures with their name for a chance of winning that object for free. I think Marks & Spencers did a similar promo around Christmas.

Would you suggest that it was worth offering fans who tag themselves free stuff? Songs / Tickets / Signed Tshirts etc?

eilish 9:16 am - 27th May:

Absolutely - that’s a great idea. Now you say it I remember the Academy doing this - a shame it didn’t work out in their case. I’d hope that people might engage more if the message were coming from the band directly rather than an anonymous venue?

Jamie 9:54 am - 27th May:

I suppose there just wasn’t enough to draw the fans in to actually want them to tag themselves and risk embarrassing themselves with friends seeing sweaty pics of them, they needed to give something in return. I’d definitely engage more(and run the risk of embarrassing myself!) if it was one of my favourite Artists offering me a chance to meet them or wing a signed cd etc.

Peter Tanham 11:13 am - 27th May:

I Fight Dragons are doing this on their current tour ( with the brilliant line “Tag Your Fine Self” everytime they post a new picture.

eilish 3:57 pm - 27th May:

the words “case” and “study” come to mind….

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