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Apr 22, 2010 | Peter Tanham | 0 Comments

Discovering Music Through Search

I was reading a recent study published by Brightcove and TubeMogul which looked at trends in online video. One very interesting statistic was that “76% of online music videos viewed on artist and label sites are found through Google searches”.

With every artist we work with, we always try to imagine what the journey will be like for one of their fans, from first hearing a song right through to purchasing the album. We’ve talked about the funnel approach and the way we design a social media landscape to bring fans on this journey, but for this post we wanted to do something a little more fun, so we made this video:

How accurate do you think this journey is? How would you find out more about an artists you heard about on the radio or from a friend?

If you like the video style, you can make your own at

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