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5 Free Tools For Making a Facebook Landing Page to Get More Fans

If you have a Facebook page for your music and you are always encouraging people to connect with you or your band, you’ve probably realised that even though plenty of people may visit your Facebook page, not all of them click “like” and connect with you.

Businesses, organisations and musicians all over the world are discovering that they need to do a little something extra to give potential fans a little push to encourage them to hit the “like” button. Those that are having the best success are using landing tabs.

In a previous post we told you how to change your Facebook landing tab and now we’ll show you 5 free tools you can use to make that landing page look great.

1. RootMusic Bandpage

Root’s Bandpage is probably the simplest way to make a really gorgeous looking landing pages. It’s already used by some big artists like Snoop Dogg and Jason Mraz.

It has a free basic version to try out and a very affordable pro option for $1.99/month. The pages look fantastic, they’re great for encouraging sharing and interaction, but the one thing they don’t do is encourage people to click the “like” button. Simplicity and ease of use is their key selling point, so don’t expect to be able to do too much customisation either.

2. Pagemodo

The Pagemodo page builder is another very simple, very easy to use page builder. They have a few basic templates and layouts to choose from and allow you to upload your own content to create a brochure like page. In this way, they are a bit more flexible than Root’s Bandpage. Pagemodo isn’t specifically aimed musicians, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has no music player functionality but it does direct people to click the “like” button, which is should ultimately be the goal of any good landing page.

3. iLike

Any musician that sets up a free iLike account will also be able to use their Facebook tabs. The iLike tabs have a very nice layout and a cool music player. They have some social features like comments and “dedicating” songs to friends and they let you upload your own custom banner.

iLike is even easier to set up than the first two, but it comes at a price. The company have their own motives, and they try push iLike features very strongly, sometimes to your detriment. For example, the big “Click to iLike” button won’t connect the fan with you on Facebook, it will connect them on iLike. The fan will then be brought away from your Facebook page and into the iLike system, which could make you loose a lot of potential connections.

4. Reverb Nation

Reverb Nation‘s My Band tool is quite nice and surprisingly underused. We like it and dislike it for all the same reasons. It’s very easy to set up with any (free) reverb nation account and has a simple music player. It doesn’t look as nice as any of the others, but it does have one major advantage - it encourages fans to join a mailing list. It has the same faults as iLike, it tries to suck fans into the Reverb Nation environment and away from Facebook.

An example of Reverb Nation's My Band app

The only two examples we could find of My Band are the Irish acts Julie Feeney and Talulah Does The Hula.


The first four apps in this list offer the ability to create very nice looking landing pages with no expertise required. We recommend these to any DIY artist who is just starting out (and Bandpage is our current favourite), but for the bigger artists we work with none of these solutions quite fit the bill. Our number one aim is always to encourage the fan to click “like” and connect with the musician and none of these apps do that well enough.

Because of this, we use Facebook’s FBML application which lets you create a landing page from scratch, using basic web coding. If you want to see some examples have a look at clients of ours like Carmel Conway or Wild Ocean. This level of flexibility allows us to use innovative techniques like offering fans a free MP3 in exchange for a “like.”

If you’ve already used any of these apps leave a comment below and show off your page, we’d love to check it out.



Jason 10:03 pm - 13th January:

FaceItPages band page creation tools also make this really easy

Julian 2:55 pm - 25th February:

interesting article!

I want to share with you our free tool on - mashlab makes it possible for you to draw new elements simply on the work surface using drag & drop. You need no knowledge of complex programming languages such as FBML or HTML. Thus you can customize your fanpage tab the way you want it to and get more fans!

hope I could help you with that post.
best, julian

eilish 4:53 pm - 1st March:

Sounds like a great tool - we’ll check it out.
Thanks for reading!

JANESEJEAN 7:43 pm - 14th August:


JANESEJEAN 7:44 pm - 14th August:
JANESEJEAN 7:45 pm - 14th August:

Freddy Fanpage 4:12 pm - 16th September:

Wow I am looking for good ideas for my fan pages and this gave me some winners

Joy 12:32 pm - 26th February:

The reverbnation landing page is indeed gorgous,
BUT as you said so well it tries to suck fans into reverbnation.
the “share” button will share your reverbnation profile, not the facebook one, ,the “share” button on the musicplayer will also share your music via the reverbnation link, the “join mailing list” will not able you to access that email list, you will only be able to send an email to those people via reverbnation, AND you can not add your personal non-reverbnation emails to that list.

The great option is the “like” required to access media content.

James Roy Daley 1:17 am - 14th May:

According to Wikipedia: As of February 7th, 2012 the iLike website has been closed, and instead redirects users to a special MySpace Music page which displaying a banner announcing the closure.

Also - it no longer seems to be working on Facebook…

Rael 12:25 am - 7th June:

I see that FBML is deprecated as of today and will stop working completely on July 5th 2012.
Do you have a migration plan?
If so, what are you migrating to?

Victor-Andres 5:34 am - 10th August:

Interesting article. But since facebook changed to the timeline, do you guys have any advise on how to create a landing page with this new display?

Monkey Style 12:59 am - 27th August:

Nice tips feel fre to check my music out peace

Dean 12:50 pm - 2nd October:

I personally use which is like the ReverbNation landing pages except free and works with Facebook and Twitter, and is much easier and faster to use. It’s been on the front page of Reddit for a while and it seems to be really positively received by the community!


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