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Facebook Page Alerts Made Easy Peasy

Ever found it frustrating that Facebook don’t email you when a fan leaves a comment on your Facebook band page? Here in Amp, we manage multiple fan pages and having to constantly check them to monitor reaction to new posts is a pain in the proverbial. So that’s why we were happy to discover HyperAlerts - a new service (currently in Beta testing) which provides a simple solution to the problem.

Marketing themselves as ‘the feature Facebook forgot’ HyperAlerts provides a clean easy-to-navigate interface and sign-up process. Registration is a one-step process and you can opt to either add the Facebook pages you want to monitor by entering the page URL or by choosing from all the pages you are connected with. Either way you’ll have to grant the HyperArlerts app access to your Facebook profile.

If, like us, you manage multiple Facebook pages, it’s really easy to add these:

And you can have individual settings for each page, e.g. for very active pages you might want to receive daily email updates, but for less-active pages you might choose the weekly option:

You can filter your email updates so that they don’t include your activity on the page, and it’s super easy to edit your settings later on so that you can track particularly busy times e.g. during a new video or album launch.

HyperAlerts emails clearly highlight new comments and posts and are presented within the Facebook wall style.

As we’ve blogged about before, it’s really important to use Facebook as a way to interact with fans, not simply as a one-way medium to push your content at them. Having a tool like HyperAlerts makes this process easier by letting you know who is responding to your Facebook content so that you can then respond to and interact with these active fans.

We recommend trying it out. Oh, and best of all, it’s free 🙂



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