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How To: Change your Facebook URL

Here’s a quick little ‘How To’ for your Friday afternoon.

When you created your Facebook fan page you were likely randomly assigned a url containing a whole heap of nonsensical digits and letters. This has created the necessity for people to get to your Facebook page via links - nobody would ever use the navigation bar on their internet browsers to find you in the way they might happily type in

However Facebook do now allow users to generate their own logical url retrospectively, be it for your personal profile page or for your fan page. Here’s how to do it in three quick and easy steps:

Warning: You can only change your url ONCE. So make sure you pick the right one and you don’t make any spelling errors.

1. You need to be the owner or the administrator of the Facebook page

2. Go to . If you have a personal account as well as a fan page you need to follow the ‘Set a username for your Pages’ link.

3. Enter in your desired username or choose from the given options - hopefully you’ll be lucky and your first choice will be there.

Et voila! Happy changing and happy weekend all.



Daven 12:19 am - 17th August:

So everytime I click on the link you posted it takes me to a page that says i need to make an account tp use the app, but i am already signed into my account when i click on home.

eilish 5:20 pm - 17th August:

Hi Daven,

Thanks for reading the post. Not sure where you are going wrong here.
I recommend you sign out of your account and then sign back in again. Then follow the link to and see if that helps.
Let me know how it goes,

Norman 12:34 pm - 24th March:

As an alternative you can get free short URLS for your Facebook pages, groups, profiles and apps from

You can have addresses like:

eilish 2:59 pm - 24th March:

That’s a great simple concept Norman - cheers for the heads up!

Neeraj 5:58 am - 10th July:

Very informative article. More details and videos can be found at the below link: