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Aug 17, 2010 | eilish | 1 Comment

How To Crowd Fund your Music


With record label profits in free-fall and therefore less money being invested in new artists, many full time musicians are turning to the idea of crowd funding to get their music made. If you’re not familiar with the concept of crowd funding it’s pretty simple; get your audience to pay you to create your music in advance, rather than afterwards through album sales or ticket purchase.

There are some pretty neat examples out there of artists reaching out to fans and asking them to donate as much as they can to go towards a new musical project. Take Jill Soubule who built her own special website and provided a range of suggested donation levels from Unpolished Stone to Weapons Grade Plutonium. Most importantly, she offered those who donated a range of ‘paybacks’ for advancing the cash; from a digital download of the album, once it was produced (tied to the $10 minimum donation) to the grand prix of a performing role on the album itself

A great website has been operating since last year, enabling crowd funding projects to be set up more simply, and without the need for artists to spend lots of time and money building their own dedicated website. It’s called Kickstarter and it’s a tool which can be used for all types of creative projects, not just musical ones. It’s easy to implement and has the robust Amazon payment system behind it, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a financial back-end to collect pledges. And it’s being used by established figures too: check out  Casey Spooner’s (of early noughties electronica outfit Fischerspooner) campaign to finance a support slot with the Scissors Sisters.

If you are interested in learning more about crowd funding your music we recommend you watch an interesting series of YouTube videos from New York music marketing specialists Ariel Publicity. In the video below she interviews the founder of Pledge Music who operates a Kickstart-type site, but with a specific focus on musicians and with the added incentive for donors that a percentage of their pledge goes to their chosen charity.


1 Comment

Greg 11:19 am - 7th September:

For UK/EU based film makers, try http://WWW.SPONSUME.COM

At the time of writing, Sponsume is listing a documentary project on green civil disobedience movements, by Channel Four’s Emily James, and an awesome film “Beyond the Brink” featuring BBC’s Sir David Attenborough…

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