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The Musician’s Guide to Social Media – Twitter Tips

Getting Started:

  • So far you’ve read the Twitter for beginners article
  • You’ve registered on and ideally you got
  • You’ve followed a few people and sent out a few tweets to find your feet.
  • Now you’re ready to take your Tweeting to the next level!


  • When you’re logged into Twitter click the Design tab in the settings.
  • Upload your bands image as a background and your logo as your profile picture.
  • Style your twitter page to match your websites colour scheme.
  • Here are 5 musicians with well styled Twitter pages, in keeping with their overall style:

Sharon Corr – @sharon_corr

I Fight Dragons – @ifightdragons

Amanda Palmer – @amandapalmer

Imogen Heap – @imogenheap

  • Include a link to your website (or most frequently updated online site) in the Bio section
  • If you’re in a band each member can have their own account
  • The most responsible person (with an iphone) should be in charge of the “band account”

First Days of Tweeting:

  • Don’t worry too much about you’re first few tweets, most people will never read it!
  • Don’t be afraid to try things out, post about what you’re doing and what your plans are.
  • After a week or two stop and ask for feedback, if your followers want to hear less or more of anything from you.
  • Make sure you let fans on your website, mailing list and/or Facebook page that you’re now on Twitter
  • For inspiration follow some of other artists you like (and the ones we write about here).

How to Grow Your Followers:

  • As mentioned above, leverage your existing channels (Mailing list, Facebook, MySpace) to let your Twittering fans know they can now follow your updates.
  • Great content spreads. Post cool links, funny or interesting pics (you recording in the studio), or even little videos you make and upload to YouTube. If they’re good your followers will retweet them, which in turn attracts more followers.
  • Type your name into and start following anyone who talks about your music. Search for people who mention your record label or bands similar to you start following them as well.
  • If you’re on tour and supporting bigger artists search for people talking about those bands and follow them too.
  • Reply! If somebody visits your page and sees you regularly interact with your followers they’ll be much more likely to follow you.

Some More Tips:

  • Imagine your favourite band was on twitter, what would you like to see from them?
  • If you wouldn’t like to see “Please visit our site!” from a band you like, don’t tweet it to your fans.
  • Your fans really do care what you are doing (as hard as that might be to believe!).
  • Talk about what life is like as a musician. People are genuinely interested and Twitter should hopefully make it difficult to waffle.
  • Post regularly. Being active attracts more followers.
  • On occasion reward your twitter followers with exclusive pics, downloads or information.
  • Don’t Spam your followers asking them to buy things – the unfollow button is only one click away!
  • Ask them questions, engage them in your band’s decisions. These can be big questions or just for fun:
    • “Which artwork image do you like better for our next single?”
    • “What to have for dinner today – healthy home cooking or greasy Chinese!?”
  • And every now and again, thank your followers for being great fans 🙂

Next Steps

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