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Jun 01, 2010 | eilish | 0 Comments

Music Video er… Tuesday: Lena, Lost and Le Fútbol


We’re running a little behind this week in our usual foray into what’s hot on YouTube. Sorry about that!

Hardly surprisingly YouTube has been a little Eurovision crazy lately and Lena’s winning entry came in top of the charts for views in Ireland this past week. The German 19 year old surprised many when she stormed to a convincing win with a modern pop song - and not a key change in sight.

Another hot topic, this time the World Cup, has driven huge amounts of views to Nike’s YouTube channel.And with quality, HD content like the below (plus a cameo from Homer Simpson) is it really any wonder they have scored 11.5 million views in only 2 weeks?

A more significant event  for some TV fanatics also happened last week; the final episode of the TV series Lost. It left many people as bewildered as ever, though it also gave us an excuse to have a good mid-week weeping session. The following day blogs, forums and social networks were abuzz with people theorising about what it all meant, inspiring one quick-worded chap to post up his interpretation to YouTube in a 3 minute video. As he says himself  “the gist is that a lot of people die”.


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