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Aug 16, 2010 | eilish | 2 Comments

Music Video Monday: America’s Got Talent YouTube Edition and the Intriguing iamamiwhoami


In a world first, and in recognition of the fact that YouTube is where music videos live online, the producers of America’s Got Talent asked the site to hook up with them for a YouTube Special. Back in May hopefuls were asked to submit videos to a specially created YouTube channel and a shortlist of 12 finalists were chosen by public vote and the AGT judges. Last week the finalists performed live in front of the AGT audience and judges and it was ten-year old Jackie Evancho’s incredible performance of O Mio Bobbino Caro which took the country by storm.

There are many examples of artists using YouTube to break through - most famously Justin Beiber made the move from singing at home with his piano to filling stadiums and having the most-watched YouTube video of all time. But not everyone makes music with pianos and guitars. Here is an example of an artist who couldn’t be more different to Beiber but is using YouTube in a similar way - as the first-choice medium through which to release their music. Iamamiwhoami are a mysterious electronic outfit with vocals provided by Swede Jonna Lee. Since mid 2009 they have been releasing cryptically-titled and beautifully-shot videos  through their YouTube channel. While the high quality of the videos suggest these are no DIY-ers filmmakers, the focus on releasing their music directly to bloggers and fans rather than through traditional music channels is something any artist can emulate. The layers of mystery and intrigue around the act have served to draw listeners in and helped make their video releases an eagerly anticipated event. No official information has been released by the artists yet, though they have made some of the tracks available to purchase on iTunes.



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