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Music Video Monday: Robyn, Janelle Morae and Jordan

Here’s something very clever from the dance-pop Swede Robyn: the world’s first interactive music video, or should that be twideo? For her latest single “Killing Me” she has created a page on her website which interacts with Twitter, Facebook and email, pulling in all status updates which contain the hashtag #killing me and featuring them in the visuals. It’s not a “video” in the strictest sense because it continually changes, but it is a genius way to interact with fans and spread a song virally (note: song features strong language).

It seems appropriate a year after the death of MJ that there is someone making dance moves as revolutionary as the moon walk was back in the late ’70s. Jannelle Monáe is an unbelievably talented lady from the USA and the video for her single “Tightrope” features dancing as inventive as from the King of Pop.

From two very talented musicians to one very, er, canny businesswoman. In her effort to take over British pop culture one medium at a time, Jordan / Katie Price is releasing another music single this month. A preview of the song is up on YouTube and proving that Jordan is still an object of fascination for the public it is rated as one of the highest viewed in Ireland this past week.



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