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The Big Reveal

We’ve been following the progress of the iamamiwhoami project with keen interest for the past year, not least because the music is beautiful. Last night was a (kind of) culmination of the months of mystery building up around the act; a live hour-long performance piece from the electronic collective, subsequently available to stream for just 6 hours at Fans being fans, however, download links have been popping up online today.

For those of you unfamiliar with this musical mystery, it has been ongoing since mid 2009 with videos sporadically released through the iamamiwhoami YouTube channel since then. The artists deliberately remained obscure and unnamed though it became clear early on that the female vocalist is Sweden’s Jonna Lee. The videos themselves are given seemingly nonsensical titles - strings of numbers like or one letter as in o and are rich with the symbolism of nature, sexuality, birth and death. The silence from the artists, coupled with the mysterious nature of the videos resulted in a fanbase actively interpreting the meaning behind the works, especially on the discussion forum of the groups official Facebook page (yes, these guys know their social media). The apparently random number strings were decoded as either spelling out letters of the alphabet or as sequences of DNA.

And it was from this community of engaged fans that a special person was chosen for a secret mission.The group announced it (in true iamamiwhoami style) via a YouTube video:

The fans had to reach a consensus and choose one person to “volunteer” for (what turned out to be) last nights event. After some very un-mysterious troubles with expired passports ruled out the fan initially chosen, a German YouTube user ShootUptheStation was tasked with travelling to Stockholm and documenting his experience. Videos from his hotel room were being posted to their channel and published to Facebook for the past few days and yesterday one appeared highlighting the event itself.

There are still many questions left unanswered following last nights event. We’ll be watching to learn more from this group who have made mystery their number one marketing tool.